The Ministry of energy will develop the project on the right of regions to decide issues according to the norms of electricity consumption

The Ministry of energy will develop the project on the right of regions to decide issues according to the norms of electricity consumption

MOSCOW, January 27. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry of energy until March 15 to submit to the government a draft decree on the transfer to the regions the right to independently taking into account regional characteristics to address questions about the feasibility and timing of transition to payments for utility services with the use of social norms of electricity consumption.

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As reported on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, the proposal must be approved by the Ministry of construction, Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of Finance and FAS.

The task of writing the bill was put on the results of the meeting on questions socially-economic development of the country, held on January 19. At the meeting Medvedev, speaking on the topic of electricity tariffs for the population, noted that the draft resolution of the government, which planned to introduce the procedure of calculating the tariff for electricity depending on volumes of its consumption, has already passed public discussion.

As shown by public discussion, and we were really getting held and seriously, this subject matters to people, really care about. There are complaints of citizens, there are addresses and deputies, the governors on this occasion, as well as the results of the so-called pilot projects in some regions. Some regions made those decisions

Dmitry Medvedev

In his words, “it is clear that, at least, to give the regions the right to make their own decisions about the feasibility, mechanism and timing of the shift in payments for utility services for electricity, with appropriate standards”.

“In General seems correct, to me anyway, that such decisions were made at the regional level”, – said Medvedev at a meeting on topical issues of socio-economic development of the country.

As was introduced SINIMA

In September 2013 in six regions of Russia introduced a social norm of electricity consumption for the population.

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Within normal limits of consumption sets a lower rate for electricity. If the consumer has exceeded the norm, the difference between sinarmas and the actual consumption he will pay at a higher rate. It is expected that these rates will differ by more than 30%. Also under sinora must meet at least 70% of the actual volume of electricity supplies to the population in the region.


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