A U.S. citizen has confessed to espionage in favor of China

Moscow. January 28. U.S. citizen Mo Hailong admitted in court that he participated in the conspiracy to steal from American corporations for seeds of genetically modified maize and to smuggle them to their homeland in China, writes The Wall Street Journal.

He lived in the USA since 1998. At the time of arrest in December 2013 Mo Hailong was the global business Manager for an agricultural company Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co.

More than two years ago he came to Iowa and took a job in a company growing corn. After some time security guards at one of the nearby fields which were sowed GM seeds DuPont Pioneer, began to notice a field for suspicious activity. So, the guards reported that on their field in the wrong time began to appear a man of Asian appearance.

For Mo Hailong and his associates was surveillance, also started to listen on their phones. As it turned out, they planned to steal some seed corn out of the ground and to smuggle them into China, reports the BBC.

The case was filed on charges of industrial espionage.

Mo Hailong, according to the investigation, consisted in an organized group, but his accomplices fled from the United States. On the night of Thursday he has agreed a deal with the court in exchange for recognition which threatened him the maximum term was reduced from 10 to 5 years.

In 2014, similar charges were brought in the sister of Mo Hailong, Mo Yun. Presumably, in 2014 she also tried to steal the seeds of American companies.

The verdict of the Mo Hailong will be announced in a few weeks.