Delay under credits of physical persons in Russia in 2015 has increased by 48%

Delay under credits of physical persons in Russia in 2015 has increased by 48%

Moscow. January 28. The payment discipline of Russian borrowers in 2015 has continued to deteriorate. According to United credit Bureau, the volume of overdue debt on loans to the end of the year was 1,15 trillion rubles, an increase for 12 months by 48%.

The share of overdue loans (amount of overdue loans in total) has grown in 2015 by 1.15 percentage points (p. p.) – up to 16,81%. The bulk of bad debts overdue for more than 90 days: the share of these loans amounted at the end of December last year, a 12.5% increase since the beginning of the year by 1.66 PPT

The number of loans overdue for more than one day increased by 9% to 12.6 million of loans overdue 90 days – 23%, to 9.5 million loans.

“It should be noted that the increase is mainly due to the old debts (late payment more than 90 days). The share of such debt exceed 95% of the total outstanding debt. Unfortunately, to return the money is almost impossible, so banks are forced to clean up their portfolios at the expense of write-off of bad debts or the sale of portfolios to collectors,” – said General Director of design Bureau Daniel Zelensky.

The highest growth rate of delay showed the mortgages segment, the previously stable: the increase was 58% to 132 billion rubles. While the number of delinquent mortgage loans for the year decreased by 3% to 82 thousand credits.

Experts OKB explain the growth of the volume of the delay with the conversion of foreign currency mortgages on new exchange rates. “Despite the fact that foreign currency loans make up less than 1% of the total number of mortgage loans, the weakening of the national currency had a negative impact on the entire mortgage portfolio,” they said.

The number of overdue cash loans in 2015 increased by 9% to 7.2 million loans (their volume increased by 48% to 709 billion), auto loans by 5%, to 189 thousand loans (27 percent to 68 billion rubles).

The number of credit cards overdue loans increased by 11% to 5.1 million units (the volume of overdue debt increased during the year by 54% to 242 billion rubles).

OKB was established in 2004, is the third-largest credit Bureau in the Russian Federation. The founders – the savings Bank of Russia, the British company Experian and Interfax group. Currently, the database EDB stores information about the order of 196,5 million credit histories. Credit reports Bureau can get both in the office and through a database “SPARK-Interfax”.