Experts: possible Union Titova and “homeland” – unexpected

Experts: possible Union Titova and “homeland” – unexpected

Earlier media reported that business Ombudsman Boris Titov leads with right-wing parties talks about how to lead the list of one of them in the September elections to the state Duma.

MOSCOW, 28 Dec –. Possible cooperation of the party “Rodina” and the business Ombudsman Boris Titov unexpected, but interesting tandem, not without both positive and problematic issues, according to experts interviewed.

Earlier, the head of the apparatus of the business Ombudsman, Vice-President of “Business Russia” Tatyana Marchenko said that the question of which party will become the basis for the political project of the business Ombudsman, has yet to be resolved, negotiations are underway with several structures that “need strengthening”.

The media reported that Titov is the former co-Chairman of “Right cause” — leads with right-wing parties talks about how to lead the list of one of them in the September elections to the state Duma. As reported by RBC with reference to sources, on successful completion of the negotiations could be announced soon. Two of the three strongest right-wing parties — Civic platform and the Right cause is declared that such negotiations do not lead.

Two sources later reported that Titov discusses ways of cooperation with the Motherland party.

“It is possible, as negotiations with the party “Civic platform” and “Right” are not conducted, there was such an exotic tandem with the party “Rodina”, — said Thursday the Director General of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.

According to the analyst, the Motherland party is now in a desperate search for new ideas and new faces to become visible in the political field. “Boris Titov is such – and economic platform, and the business community behind him, and a name. There is a problem — the problem is that Titov on political weight is much more than any of the leaders of the “homeland”, and this problem is unsolvable”, — said Mukhin.

“So it turns out that Boris Titov would have to top the list of “homeland”, and that’s like to harness in one cart horse and a quivering fallow-deer. Can get is not good,” he said.

Vice President RPK Andrey Maksimov I agree with my colleague that Titov and the party “Rodina” are “somewhat unexpected.”

“Because he spoke as a supporter of economic liberalization, and the party “Rodina” is the party still big, industrial capital, machinery, and here, perhaps interesting would be a combination” — said Maximov.

He said that everyone assumed that the party “Rodina” will be left from the point of view of social doctrine, not a right, but in this case, it can become part of the enterprise protection.