Fish consumption in Russia has fallen to 14 kilograms per person

Moscow. January 28. Fish consumption in Russia in 2015 despite production growth decreased to 14 kg per person. It is 6 kg less than the minimum recommended by the Ministry of health for healthy consumption.

As the head of the information Agency on fisheries Alexander Saveliev, experts, prognozirovanie at the end of last year, the drop in consumption of up to 15 kg, have revised their estimates after the data updated over the last year.

Russian fishermen last year caught a record 4.4 million tons of fish, this indicator takes into account volumes produced in freshwater bodies of the country, as well as fish caught Crimean fishermen that previously were not considered in the indicators.

Citing data by the North pool, Savelle reported that in 2015 the export of fish from fishing areas without delivery to Russia increased by 32 thousand tons to 484 thousand tons.

Fish caught by Russian vessels in the Convention areas of NEAFC (the agreement on fisheries in the North-East Atlantic) and NAFO (the agreement on fisheries in the North-West Atlantic), in 2015 were unloaded in six countries. As in previous years, the largest number of deliveries were in Norway – 83 thousand tons against 81,42 thousand tons in 2014. The figure for the Netherlands fell to 102,88 thousand tons with 110,45 thousand tons in 2014, the Faroe Islands increased to 283,06 thousand tons with 246,18 thousand tons respectively.

In the far Eastern basin, according the Pollack Association data, the total catch of aquatic biological resources amounted to 2 million 882,8 thousand tons, which is 222,4 thousand tons (8.3% more) than in 2014. However, according to Russian Railways, only 652,8 thousand tonnes of Pacific fish delivered in 2015 from the Far East to the domestic market, which is 0.2% less than in 2014.

According to Rosstat, fish in the past year rose 20%.