Food products in Russia in 2015 has risen by 14.3%

Moscow. January 28. The growth of prices for food products in Russia in 2015 was 14.3%, while in EU food just became more expensive by 0.3%, according to the survey of Rosstat.

While in December prices for food in Russia grew by 1.4% and in the EU decreased by 0.2%.

2015 in Russia the greatest gain of consumer prices was observed for fruit – 28.7 per cent (in EU countries – 4.0 per cent).

Sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and sweets have risen in price in Russia in 2015 to 23.0% (in EU – on 1,0%), fish and seafood – 22.9% (1.6%), oils and fats – by 22.2% (3.7%), bakery products and cereals – by 15.3% (EU average prices for this group of products has not changed).

Prices for dairy products, cheese and eggs increased in Russia in 2015 is 10.5% (the average for the EU – declined by 3.0%), vegetables 8.0% (in the EU increased on average by 4.0%).

Meat and meat products in Russia in 2015 has risen by 7.8% (in the European Union they became cheaper on average by 1.1%).