In the Kremlin do not consider it necessary to comment on the calls by Kiev to the UN security Council to discuss Putin’s statement

MOSCOW, January 28. In the Kremlin do not consider it necessary to comment on the intention of the Ukrainian delegation to the UN to initiate a discussion in the Security Council of the recent statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the history of Donbass.

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“No way relate to this”, – said the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, answering the question of journalists on how to include this initiative in the Kremlin.

Violent reaction of Kiev called Putin’s speech at the meeting of the interregional forum of the Russian popular front on January 25 about Leninist politics. Then the President of the Russian Federation expressed the view that during the formation of the USSR the borders between the republics were determined arbitrarily and not always justified. In particular, he mentioned that the region was transferred to Ukraine in order to increase the percentage of the proletariat in order to achieve greater social support.

In this regard, according to the press service of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, representative of Ukraine to the UN has stated about the “inadmissibility of attempts to rewrite history, questioning the territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Ukraine”.