Matvienko: the cooperation of the state and the ROC is especially important in the conditions of information war

Matvienko: the cooperation of the state and the ROC is especially important in the conditions of information war

MOSCOW, January 28. The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko considers particularly important the cooperation of Church and state in the information war waged against Russia.

“The fact that the state and the Church with one voice stand before the face of the threat of the destruction of the spiritual foundations of society, family, person is good for Russia, is a guarantee that we stand in the face of any trial. Such cooperation is especially important now, in conditions of waged against Russia information war,” – wrote the speaker of the Federation Council in his blog on the official website of the chamber.

Traditional values as a weapon

Matvienko noted that such a confrontation with the West “aggressive rhetoric, tough advocacy formulas, the intensity of Russophobia” was not the worst of times “cold war”.

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“It’s hard to say how long this state. The U.S. and its allies do not demonstrate the intention of abandoning the course, so as you can see in Russia the main obstacle on the way of building a world order based on hegemony of the West,” said the Senator. She added, in this case, the “competition of ideas, values, albeit with varying degrees of hardness, most likely, will be long constant backdrop” of Russia’s relations with the West. According to the Chairman of the Federation Council, Russia should be prepared for this competition and stay ahead of competitors and rivals “in setting the agenda in the informational and the spiritual realm, and not to move along a predetermined track from the outside”.

In this regard, Matvienko noted that growing demand for traditional values, and “Russia is one of the few countries that is able to satisfy the request of its culture, art, education and educational work”. “It is necessary to enrich the traditional values, filling their contents, meanings, reflecting new trends,” said she.

“The mission of spiritual care”

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The head of the Federation Council emphasized that the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) plays a key role of spiritual development of Russian and other Russian peoples. “It is not only our past but also our present. Today the ROC continues worthily their high mission of spiritual guidance, moral improvement of society,” she wrote in her blog.

Thus Matvienko considers baseless the accusations that “the ROC invades the area, which in a secular state should be free from influence, and especially from the direct presence of the Church”. “The Russian Orthodox Church is nowhere and in no way violates the Constitution of Russia, which recognized the separation of Church and state,” stated the Senator. She confirmed the visible presence of Orthodoxy in society. But, according to the parliamentarian, this presence is not political, not governmental, and moral. “And for this there are both powerful historical basis and request on the part of Russian citizens”, she concluded.

Spiritual support

The speaker of the upper house of Parliament believes that aggressive opposition to the Church’s participation in public life “does not meet the principles of democracy”. “Millions of Russian citizens belong to the Orthodox Church, see the Church in its spiritual bearings. Just like millions of other Russian citizens professing Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Catholicism, and other beliefs. They have a constitutional right to it,” the Senator said. In her opinion, should not only respect that right but also to respect the religious beliefs, the feelings of the people. “Russia is strong when it is there is law and order, religious, ethnic, cultural tolerance”, she concluded.