“Naftogaz” will continue to put “Gazprom” account for transit under the old rates

Moscow. January 28. The new tariff methodology for gas transit via Ukraine, while not will affect the current settlements between “Naftogaz” and “Gazprom”, as they are regulated by the agreement from 2009, Minister of energy and coal industry Volodymyr demchyshyn to journalists in Kyiv on Thursday.

“We have no bases in order (invoice) on the new tariffs, because it is not a signed contract. We work on contracts that exist,” he said on the sidelines of the conference devoted to Ukraine global export credit agencies.

At the same time, Demchishin said that the Ukrainian side intends to achieve revision of the contract to reflect the new method of tarifoobrazovanija, without waiting for the expiration of the agreement on transit with Gazprom in 2019.

New pricing methodology for gas transit through Ukraine, which entered the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in energy and utilities (CREATED), 2016, increases the tariff for transit of Russian gas by about 50% or more, that is about $4.5 for transportation of 1 thousand in cubic m on 100 km.

According to the contract “Naftogaz” and “Gazprom” from 2009, the tariff rate for gas transportation through the territory of Ukraine is floating and is determined by the formula depending on the value of the fuel component and inflation in Europe. In the second quarter of 2015 the rate was us $2.7 for 1 thousand in cubic m on 100 km.