Rospatent supports the establishment of the Russian National intellectual property registry

Rospatent supports the establishment of the Russian National intellectual property registry

MOSCOW, January 28. The national intellectual property registry (NRIS), participation in which will be voluntary, will appear in Russia, Rospatent supports this idea. About it today at press conference said the head of the Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent) Grigory Ivliev.

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“I came to tell you about our unconditional support of this project. The question of the establishment of a register well-known to the world, for example, there is such a resource of Library of Congress. But I want to note that this is a private initiative, funding will also be using private funds, not the budget. The main principles are openness and accessibility”, – said Ivliev.

As explained by General Director of NIS, Director of the creative Association “Gasometer” Nicholas Duksin, the main goal of the project is to create a simple and understandable mechanism for Declaration of their rights online and further use of its intellectual property.

“With the help of registry everyone will be able to voluntarily declare their rights by completing a special request form on the website, for example. Will also established a unified communication platform through which it will be possible to carry out the acquisition and licensing of intellectual property, as well as to monitor and deal to replace illegal content on the Internet”, – explained Doxin. The entry into the resource and create a digital standard for all will be free.

According to the rector of the Russian state Academy of intellectual property Ivan Bliznets, the idea of NRIS for the first time combines all areas of intellectual property: trademarks, inventions, copyright and related rights. “It is very important that this project will be to combine all existing resources in Rospatent, the music business, copyright law. In the end, maybe this way we can modify existing legislation to introduce an optional registration of objects in the future, as now, for example, this happens with computer programs,” said Twin.

According to the musician, singer and producer Vasily Vakulenko (Basta), the registry can be very beneficial for the entire music industry. “Talented, working people are now very much. But they don’t know how to live, how to earn on the creativity. What is the procedure of application of their rights. I want to have a website, hotline, feedback, through which these issues can be easily resolved,” said Basta.

The national intellectual property registry – a project to ensure the work of the market of rights to objects of intellectual property, audit of intellectual property rights, monitoring and reviewing their use. Specific registry scheme will be developed after discussing the project with representatives of interested industries, in particular, at the round table on 29 February. The project launch is scheduled for April.