The first group of foreign currency mortgage borrowers had made revision of the treaties

The first group of foreign currency mortgage borrowers had made revision of the treaties

MOSCOW, January 28. The first group of foreign currency mortgage borrowers had the opportunity to restructure loans at the rate of exchange different from the market. This is stated in the message of the absolute-Bank, which offered its borrowers new options for restructuring mortgages at the exchange rate below 80 rubles per dollar.


Since the beginning of current week currency mortgage borrowers held a number of meetings and gatherings at offices of credit Bank of Moscow, Bank “DeltaCredit”, Bank VTB24 Absolut Bank and certain other lending institutions.

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Borrowers demanded meetings with management and possible debt restructuring at more favorable exchange rate, for example in the size 39,38 rubles per dollar, which the Bank of Russia recommended that banks to restructure foreign currency mortgages. Also during the shares held by the borrowers referred to the decision of the Arbitration court, deciding the company “Vympelcom” to pay rent at a preferential dollar exchange rate.

At the end of December 2015, the Arbitration court of Moscow, recognizing the devaluation of the ruble in 2014 as sufficient grounds to change the lease agreement, allowed the company “Vympelcom” to pay the rent to your landlord at a discounted rate in 30-42 rubles per dollar.

Offers at Absolut Bank

On Thursday the working group of representatives of the Absolut Bank met at the Central office with representatives of the initiative group currency mortgage borrowers, the results of which top managers of the Bank decided to offer borrowers new terms for the restructuring of mortgage loans.

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The Bank has offered foreign currency mortgage borrowers to convert the debt at a discounted rate.

For those borrowers that meet the conditions of the assistance programme for housing mortgage loans Agency for housing mortgage lending JSC, the Bank may convert the loan at 65 rubles for dollar, for the borrowers having 3 or more minor children at the rate of 57 rubles per dollar.

To prepay the loan at the rate of 60 rubles per dollar.

The Bank of Russia was established on January 29, the official dollar exchange rate at the level 77,3674 ruble 1 ruble 62,95 copecks below the previous indicator.