The Prosecutor General’s office has identified irregularities in banks

Moscow. January 28. Russian Prosecutor General’s office conducted an audit of the use of money allocated to support the banking sector, and in the middle of December, sent to the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA) a representation to eliminate violations, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”.

In response, the Agency has corrected the violations and developed corrective action in those situations that cannot be resolved immediately. The submission of the Prosecutor General, the measures taken and the future plan of action the DIA, according to the publication, on Tuesday was discussed at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Agency. In ASV have confirmed it, saying that consideration of this matter was held in the presence of a representative of the Prosecutor General.

A complete list of claims is not disclosed. According to the newspaper, the bulk of the complaints raised a number of issues in Bank resolution. Key issues boil down to insufficient regulation and detail the Agency’s action and Senatorov.

In particular, questions have arisen to the transfer of assets. As explained in the Agency, in the framework of the plan of participation in the DIA settlement obligations of Probusinessbank part of its assets and obligations were transferred by agreement to the Bank, and the Prosecutor General’s office expressed concerns that the plan does not contain detailed information on the composition of the transferred assets and liabilities. As a result cause issues of price, volume and, consequently, the validity of these evaluations in the transmission.

In the DIA indicate that these data are included in the plan then, as the selection of the Bank-acquirer, because during the contest, the potential acquirer has the right to determine the composition of the transferred assets. However, the Agency has already begun to prepare proposals on amendments to current legislation to limit the size of transferred obligations and limit the value of the property.

The questions of the Prosecutor General’s office called the DIA decision about whether to participate in rehabilitation without analyzing typologise Bank. Such decisions to accelerate are sometimes accepted on the basis of the rapid assessment of the situation. And later it turns out that the hole is more and money on the rescue you want to add. In DIA said that preparing for the proposals in this part, to legislatively establish the impossibility of the decision on whether to participate in a rehabilitation or settlement of the liabilities of the Bank without conducting “an in-depth analysis”.

Interested in the Prosecutor’s office and the situation with the observance of SANATORII plans for improvement and timeframe specified therein. Among all the projects for the rehabilitation of banks were single cases deviations of investors from scheduled (in particular, Fondservisbank), due to reasons beyond the investor and the Agency’s reasons.

Criticism also arose to action the Deposit insurance Agency as the provisional administration of banks. For example, to write off 600 million rubles from the account in Probusinessbank in the period when he was experiencing serious difficulties. It to the law enforcement agencies complained to the Bank’s customers, and two members of the temporary administration of ASV were brought to disciplinary responsibility. After checking the Prosecutor General’s office, associated with money the activities of DIA in troubled banks will be more regulated.

This is not a complete list of complaints arising from the state office of public Prosecutor during check DIA. According to the newspaper, among the problems identified also the issue of lack of security, quality control transferred assets is not always enough close monitoring of Sanatorne and rehabilitated banks.