The UK is investing a further $356 million in the oil and gas sector

Moscow. January 28. The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron went on a visit to the Scottish city of Aberdeen, where he is expected to announce the allocation of 250 million pounds ($356 million) in support of the oil and gas industry in the North sea, writes Financial Times.

On these means it is planned to build a science and technology center in Aberdeen, which will deal, among other things, research in the field of innovative methods of oil and gas. In addition, Aberdeen harbour will be expanded.

“I understand the seriousness of the situation, when oil is cheaper is the longest period and almost the fastest pace in the last 20 years – has previously said Cameron, speaking in Parliament. – This is a serious problem, and we are determined to support those who are engaged in the production of oil and gas in the North sea”.

Previously in Edinburgh held an emergency meeting of the Cabinet of Scottish Ministers, which discussed the problems of the oil and gas industry. Hydrocarbon production in the North sea is one of the most expensive in the world, and many companies are experiencing serious problems due to the drop in oil prices by 75% from the peak of 2014.

Industry representatives say that they will require investments worth at least 3 billion pounds to survive the downturn in the oil market. They also call on the authorities to commute the tax on profits from gasoline sales, which last year was reduced from 50% to 35%, and extra tax on oil companies in the amount of 20% of the profits.

More than 5.5 thousand people in the oil and gas industry in the UK lost their jobs in 2014-15. Recently, BP Plc reported it plans to cut 4 thousand jobs, including 600 employees in the North sea until the end of the current year.