Top Deutsche Bank managers will lose their bonuses for the year 2015

Moscow. January 28. Top managers of Deutsche Bank, reporting about the loss for the past quarter and year, will not receive annual bonuses, announced the Central Bank’s Governor John Cryan.

On Thursday it became known that the Bank has incurred a loss in the amount of 2.1 billion euros in the fourth quarter and 6.8 billion Euro in 2015 as a whole. Such a significant loss is associated with large deductions on legal expenses and restructuring.

The bonus pool could not be affected by such losses, “this is consistent with the principle of fairness,” said Cryan during a press conference on the release of the reporting Bank. He noted that he feels “personally responsible” for the damages, and expressed the hope that the lack of bonuses won’t be “too demotivating factor”.

Shares of Deutsche Bank on Thursday depreciated by 2.3%.