Cargo autotransportations between Russia and Poland can be suspended from February 1

MOSCOW, January 29. Non-issuance of permits may lead to the suspension of trucks between the countries from 1 February. It is reported by the Association of international road carriers (ASMAP), with reference to the words of the General Director of Association Andrey Kurushina.

“If the parties fail to agree, the ban will take effect from 1 February 2016. Then the cargo transportation of Russian and Polish carriers between European countries and Russia will be stopped”, – reported the press-service.

According to the head of the Association, annually conduct negotiations to identify and transfer an agreed number of permit forms for the carriage of goods by road between two countries or in transit through their territories. The agreement also provides for exchange of special permits that give the right to the carriage of goods from third countries or in third countries.

“The feature formed at the beginning of this year the situation is that the transport ministries of Russia and Poland could not agree on the number of permits to their carriers by 2016. Took several rounds of negotiations (Warsaw, 21-22 December 2015, and Svetlogorsk, 21 January 2016), but the Polish delegation refused to give proposals to the Russian side by the number of permissions for sharing and behaves extremely non-constructive”, – said Kurushin.

Control of transportations

So, according to him, the Polish side is dissatisfied with the adoption of the Russian Federation legislative and normative acts regulating monitoring of the implementation on the territory of the Russian international road haulage by foreign vehicles, including transport of goods from third countries. “The new legislation eliminated the existing shortcomings in Russian legislation, using which unscrupulous foreign carriers imported from third countries to Russia goods under cover of preferential bilateral mode of transportation”, – said the head of ASMAP.

In the example, he cites the illegal practice of processing of documents, the use of the fictitious shipping invoices upon delivery of goods to Russia. “Especially widespread scheme used by Polish carriers when the goods exported by them from third countries, such as Germany, appears as loaded from Poland (shipping documents are falsified). In Russia, the Polish carrier is presented to an ordinary Russian bilateral resolution rather than a special permit for the transport of goods from a third country,” said Kurushin.

“It seems that in the continuation of this unfavorable for Russian carriers of the situation and the Polish party is interested, why it was taking the unprecedented and dangerous to transport and foreign trade of our countries actions. At the talks the representatives of the Polish delegation put forward as a condition for discussion of a contingent permits an ultimatum demanding a repeal of the imposition of the Russian normative legal acts”, – adds the head of ASMAP.

At present the Russian side worked out possible measures to resolve the situation, noted in the Association.