CBR publishes data on the adequacy of international reserves

MOSCOW, January 29. CBR 29 January publishes data on the adequacy of international reserves. According to the regulator by 1 October 2015, the international reserves almost in 5 times exceeds the volume of three months of imports (IMF methodology): the amount of reserves is us $371,3 billion while imports us $78 billion.

The volume of reserves sufficient to cover payments on external debt in the coming year ($134,1 million), the aggregate payments on external debt and imports ($212,1 bln), 20% liabilities included in broad money supply ($142,3 billion), the possible outflow of funds in the implementation of the risk universe ($to 179.8 billion).

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2015 has set a goal to increase international reserves to $500 billion within a few years under favorable market conditions. While conditions do not allow the Central Bank to replenish reserves. Russia’s international reserves for the week from 15 January to 22 January 2016. increased by $1 billion to $369,3 bln

As explained earlier the first Deputy Chairman of the CBR Ksenia Yudaeva, there are different ways to assess the adequacy of reserves. During the economic crisis of 1997, the most stable in this regard were Hong Kong, the volume of international reserves of which exceeded the money supply in 15 times. Russian reserves enough to import year, “many from the point of view of GDP”, but not the entire money supply is covered by them, celebrated in June Yudaeva, stressing that “the reserves are enough to control the situation in case of financial instability”.