In the state Duma proposed to remove observers at the election only by court order

In the state Duma proposed to remove observers at the election only by court order

An appropriate amendment may be added to the project on the reduction in the number of observers. The document also would expand the list of documents that can meet the observers, report the authors of the initiative.

MOSCOW, 29 Jan. Remove an observer for violations with polling station will be possible only after the court decision, the relevant amendment will be discussed on Friday during the consideration in the second reading of the bill on reducing the number of observers from parties or candidates at a polling station, said the Deputy head of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Dmitry Vyatkin.

In December last year, the lower house of Parliament adopted in first reading the draft law the deputies from the Communist party, which establishes that the polling station can be no more than five observers from parties and candidates. The constitutional state Duma Committee later approved the amendments allowing the appointment of up to two observers.

Vyatkin noted that the amendments to the bill that were made by him and the head of the constitutional Committee Vladimir Mr Pligin, aimed at implementation of the strategy announced by the President in address to the Federal Assembly, which “is to ensure openness, transparency, the integrity of the ballot, to increase the confidence of our citizens in elections”. The amendments also provide additional safeguards for the observers and members of election commissions.

“First, it expands the list of documents that can meet the observers and nominated members of election commissions with deliberative vote from party and candidates. Secondly, it introduces a strictly judicial procedure for the removal of the observer or the election Commission member who broke the law during the voting,” he said.

The MP noted that observers can freely take photos and video of everything that happens at the polling station. Before this there were difficulties.

Speaking about the amendment, which proposes to reduce the number of observers from five to two people, Vyatkin explained this novel a large number of candidates.