In the U.S. the company will be obliged to disclose information about the salaries of men and women

Moscow. January 29. The U.S. government has developed the bill according to which the company will be required to publish information about average salaries of female and male employees, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Thus the authorities hope to contribute to the elimination of gender inequality, reflected in the lower wages of women employees compared to male colleagues of equivalent rank.

It is anticipated that this rule will apply to all American companies, a staff exceeding 100 people. In the next two months will pass public discussion of the bill, and congressional approval not required.

WSJ notes that the fight against gender inequalities is an important element of the political program of U.S. President Barack Obama. Nevertheless, women still earn 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, which is only 2 cents higher than in 2008, when Obama came to power.