Kosachev believes that the U.S. confront Russia with allies

Kosachev believes that the U.S. confront Russia with allies

MOSCOW, January 29. The head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachyov believes that the U.S. confront Russia with the allies, using the thesis of possible involvement of the Russian leadership in corruption.

“I think we are talking about a consistent and offensive positions of the current U.S. administration, seeking to divide the country in an election year, to put pressure on Russia to limit Russia’s capabilities in its actions in the international arena in order by all available and unavailable methods to preserve in this world the sole lead of the States,” said Kosachev.

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So, he said, “because it existed for many months, the situation of distrust towards Russia, the situation of condemning Russia has certainly taken the signs that in the near future it can be normalized, needed another case, which would allow to keep the sympathy for Russia and alienating her potential allies.” To achieve these objectives, the U.S. appeal to “long-worn out and used many times, but never received never evidence base version about the involvement of senior management in Russia corruption in Russia,” said the Senator.

Kosachev stated that this theme, “that is, that is, we have long held, which could be the subject of some discussion, if accompanied by facts, but facts was not, and by definition can’t be”. “Therefore, this situation belongs to the category of situations of unfair competition and not talking on the merits”, – summed up the MP.

Possible consequences

According to Kosachev, because Russia’s relations with the United States “and without that are at the lowest point, therefore, to affect such an unfair partner some political methods, by collapsing some of the areas of cooperation in this case is not necessary – these relationships already frozen almost all directions”.

As for the “prospects of such statements with legal consequences”, said the head of Committee of the Federation Council, “they should evaluate lawyers, experts in the field of international law.”

The position of the Russian Federation

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov called fiction and slander these accusations against Putin. He also drew attention to the unsubstantiated allegation by Shubin in this story, stressing that it has all the signs of a directed campaign.

“If they (the U.S. Treasury) will leave such official statement without proof, then it casts a shadow on the reputation of the Agency,” – said the representative of the Kremlin. “Overall, we are accustomed to a journalistic “duck”, which are associated with incompetence and the pursuit of “yellowness” or are directed campaigns – said the representative of the Kremlin. In this case, of course, we involuntarily pay attention to the fact that the appearance of such material coincided with quasi-judicial exercise in some countries, publications in highly respected journals of similar content”.

“It would be irresponsible journalistic exercise, if not an official review (U.S. official)”

Dmitry Peskov

Simultaneously, the Kremlin does not expect that this episode will worsen the already strained relations between Moscow and Washington. “To be honest, relations are now not in the best shape. In such a form that such a lie is unlikely their even more complicated,” stated Sands.

Back in may of last year in the presidential administration of the Russian Federation said that some Western media are preparing defamatory publications about the Russian leader. Peskov said that the Kremlin had received queries from “respected publications” the U.S. and the UK, who admitted that even do not intend to publish detailed explanations of the Kremlin.

Charges USA

White house press Secretary Josh Ernest, commenting at journalists ‘ request, the statements of the Deputy Minister of Finance of the USA Adam Shubin in a documentary by BBC that some of the actions of the Russian President allegedly were directed at their own enrichment, said: “This is an assessment of the Ministry of Finance of the USA. It completely reflects the opinion of the administration”.

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