Nazarbayev advised “powdered the rich” Kazakhstan to invest in the country

Moscow. January 29. The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev once again called on wealthy Kazakhstan citizens legalize property.

“Kazakhstan has created over the years incredible conditions for business development. We grew many rich people, billionaires, millionaires. Flaunt the photos in “Forbes,” right or wrong, but it’s good that they look beautiful. All painted, powdered, well-dressed. All this money you allowed to earn Kazakhstan, our country. So let’s invest the money here,” the President said Tuesday at the XVII extraordinary Congress of “Nur Otan”.

According to him, Kazakhstan has signed treaties on legal assistance with almost all countries in the world.

“All kinds of offshore – all of this nonsense. Today there are no offshore. So now announced the legalization – bring the money out here, excuse you. Primary privatization, the primary accumulation of funds has never been absolutely pure, transparent, white and fluffy. There were all sorts. So it was in the world. So we forgive, pick money. Privatization of more than 800 objects of the country. Take part, will get these objects. Earn even more money, because, earning, you will create even more jobs to the people of Kazakhstan”, – he said.

The President also said that the government, the national Bank adopted the anti-crisis plan, which envisages different scenarios of economic development: changing the environment: commodity prices and prices for other export goods of Kazakhstan.