Neverov: statements against Putin – Obama’s attempt to make bright his departure from the White house

Neverov: statements against Putin – Obama’s attempt to make bright his departure from the White house

MOSCOW, January 28. White house statements addressed to the Russian President Vladimir Putin are an attempt by U.S. President Barack Obama to make bright his retirement from politics. This opinion was expressed on Friday to journalists the Secretary of the General Council “United Russia”, Deputy Duma speaker Sergei Neverov, commenting on the statement of the press Secretary the White house Josh Ernest about the fact that the opinion of the Ministry of Finance of the USA about the corruptness of the President of Russia corresponds to the position of the Obama administration.

Attempt to erase the promises

“Statement of the official representative of the White house that the charges officer of the U.S. Treasury in the address of Vladimir Putin reflect the position of the U.S. administration, are nothing but the Barack Obama administration’s attempt to erase the memory of his citizens everything that was promised during the election campaign, but has not been implemented”, – said Neverov. He recalled that when entering Obama as President for a first term “was so full of promises.” “But, alas, in advance, as it turned out, for anything (turns out, only promises), he was awarded the Nobel peace prize,” – said the representative of the party’s leadership.

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Now, Neverov believes that “decisiva last days in office, Barack Obama has become a politician, whose opinion no one takes into account” and “support someone from the same party, will play in minus, not a plus”. Any hope for the first time in the Obama presidency “wasn’t to be,” he added.

Therefore, according to the Secretary of the General Council of United Russia, “that though as-that to justify its stay on a post of the President, in the twilight of his political career he (Obama) decided to grab the last opportunity and try to make your care bright”.

But he does so “for the account of the man who had raised Russia from knees, thanks to which began to pay pensions and benefits, due to which Russian society has been consolidated, the Crimea was reunited with Russia, and the country’s national interests are put at the forefront”, said Neverov.

The accusations of the USA and Russia’s position

Commenting at journalists ‘ request, the statements of the Deputy Minister of Finance of the USA Adam Shubin in a documentary by BBC that some of the actions of the Russian President allegedly were directed at their own enrichment, White house press Secretary said: “This is an assessment of the Ministry of Finance of the USA. It completely reflects the opinion of the administration”.

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The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov called fiction and slander these accusations against Putin. He also drew attention to the unsubstantiated allegation by Shubin in this story, stressing that it has all the signs of a directed campaign.

“If they (the U.S. Treasury) will leave such official statement without proof, then it casts a shadow on the reputation of the Agency,” – said the representative of the Kremlin. “Overall, we are accustomed to a journalistic “duck”, which are associated with incompetence and the pursuit of “yellowness” or are directed campaigns – said the representative of the Kremlin. In this case, of course, we involuntarily pay attention to the fact that the appearance of such material coincided with quasi-judicial exercise in some countries, publications in highly respected journals of similar content”.

“It would be irresponsible journalistic exercise, if not an official review (the American officials),” – said Peskov.

Simultaneously, the Kremlin does not expect that this episode will worsen the already strained relations between Moscow and Washington. “To be honest, relations are now not in the best shape. In such a form that such a lie is unlikely their even more complicated,” stated Sands.

Back in may of last year in the presidential administration of the Russian Federation said that some Western media are preparing defamatory publications about the Russian leader. Peskov said that the Kremlin had received queries from “respected publications” the U.S. and the UK, who admitted that even do not intend to publish detailed explanations of the Kremlin.