Portfolio of VTB medium-sized businesses in Udmurtia increased by 74% in 2015

Portfolio of VTB medium-sized businesses in Udmurtia increased by 74% in 2015

About new business directions and plans for 2016 in an interview said the head of VTB Bank in Udmurtia, Nikolai Ermakov.

About new business directions and plans for 2016 in an interview said the head of VTB Bank in Udmurtia, Nikolai Ermakov.

For the past year the banking community had to work in difficult economic conditions. Taking into account the situation did at the end to show the growth on key performance indicators?

— The year was indeed tough! But despite all the fears and alarming forecasts of experts, we have managed to maintain the positive trend of business development in the region. Thus, compared with the beginning of last year, our credit portfolio grew by 12%. The greatest success we have achieved in the segment of medium business at the end of the year the growth portfolio it was 74%. We managed at 5% to increase the guarantee portfolio and by 44% the amount of attracted funds. With the beginning of the year, we have substantially increased customer base attracted 114 new client. All in all, today in VTB Bank in the Udmurt Republic are served by about 1730 enterprises and organizations of the region.

I am convinced that we save the trend of growth in the coming year, despite the external negative factors that still affect the country’s economy in General and banking sector in particular.

Allowing your team to achieve such results?

— The main cause is that the system operation in the future. We strive to ensure that our development has always been a certain number of applications, which then provide good performance indicators. In addition, at the beginning of last year to our advantage was played and the developments of key indicators: the business community has once again revised its interaction with lending institutions and began to give preference to big banks. Today it is extremely important a trustworthy financial partner. And VTB as the Bank with state participation — one of the few who is able to guarantee its customers.

And, of course, that VTB in the Udmurt Republic shows a steady growth in key indicators, is a great merit of our team. We with each client hold virtually individual work: try not to offer them individual products, and complex services that meet their specific needs.

At the end of last year a new priority for banks has been the support of the state defense order. What work has been done by you in this area?

— Yes, indeed, today defence companies are working under new rules. The reason why there was a need in their development, lies in the fact that instead of crediting under the state guarantees it the full fiscal advance companies working on state defence orders (GOZ). The decision to establish a banking mechanism to support such transactions were made in order to improve efficiency and strengthen control of the funding of GOZ. Now, under one contract, the whole chain of cooperation, starting with the head contractor and including subcontractors of all levels, starts in one Bank, in which all calculations related to the performance of the state contract, are held in separate Bank accounts. I note that just to support GOZ government had selected nine banks, and, of course, VTB is one of them.

In the past year to ensure the transition to the new mechanism of maintenance GOZ our Bank was done a lot of preparatory work. In particular, in order to avoid overlapping in the process of interaction between defense companies and us, the Bank has created special units and trained personnel who will deal exclusively with this line of business. Today in VTB Bank in Udmurtia reserved about 200 separate accounts for key parties to the cooperation, and this is only the beginning.

If to speak about the defense enterprises, which are well represented in the country, how significant is their share in VTB business in Udmurtia?

— Interaction with enterprises of the defence industry is one of the key activities of our Bank. Today we work with almost all enterprises in the Republic. Their share in our credit portfolio makes up more than half. I hope that in the near future cooperation with the defence industry enterprises will become more dense. And the prospects for this. Primarily through the participation of VTB in the implementation of banking support GOZ. At the same time we see growing interest in the transactional products business, in particular, to systems of Bank transaction. And this is another growth point for the development of cooperation with enterprises of the sector.

One more direction of activity of VTB, which last year provided a positive trend to the Bank in the region was the opening of special accounts in which contributions are accumulated for capital repairs of apartment houses. What results have been achieved here?

— Currently we have about a thousand open special accounts — almost a third of the total number of apartment buildings in Izhevsk. I am very pleased with this result. His achievement was preceded by the implementation of a set of events. We met with the owners and leaders of homeowners associations and management companies, representatives of the regional operator; finalizing the proposal as to the value of our services for opening and maintenance of accounts, the accrual of interest for finding cash for them.

What are your plans for 2016?

Our team intends to continue to grow the business qualitatively and quantitatively. We remain open for dialogue with potential customers who are ready to consider projects in all sectors. Of course, the business community understands that this year, like last, will not be easy. But opportunities for development there today. The departure of foreign producers important opportunities for Russian players, for the development of export destinations, the opening of new facilities. And in Udmurtia, there are such examples. We understand that the Bank is, first of all, our customers. And its main task is to support them. Of course, we will be very careful in assessing risks, but we will work together to seek compromises and to find answers to the challenges of today.