Producer prices on gasoline in Russia in December fell 10.2%

Moscow. January 29. Producer prices on gasoline in Russia in December fell 10.2% after falling by 7.5% in November, by 4.2% in October, 1.6% in September, rising by 2.6% in August, a jump of 9% in July, 10.5% in June, increasing by 1% in may, 0.8% in April, 8.2% in March, declining by 0.1% in February and growth of 0.3% in January, said Tuesday Rosstat.

As reported, retail gasoline prices in Russia in December fell 0.7% after declining 0.1% in November, rising 0.3% in October, 0.9% in September and by 1.6% in August.

Overall, in 2015, producer prices on gasoline grew by 6.6%, consumer – by 4.8%.

In December, prices for gasoline decreased in 15 subjects of the Russian Federation (from 17.7% in the Omsk region to 3.7% in the Saratov region). In the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Tyumen and Sakhalin regions, producer prices for gasoline remained at level of November 2015.

In December 2015, consumer prices of gasoline of various marks on the average in the Russian Federation exceeded prices of producers 2.1-2.7 times (in December 2014, is 2.1-2.5 times).

Prices for oil produced in December, declined by 13.0% (overall for 2015 rose to 12.8%), while tariffs for its swapping by pipeline transport grew by 1.3% (overall for the year – 8.1%).

In December 2015, the ratio of the producer price of gasoline and oil was 1.9 times (December 2014 – 2.1 times).

The ratio of oil prices inside the country with its price in the world market in December amounted to 61,6% (in December 2014. – 40.7 per cent).