Reuters: UK released the latest Land Rover Defender

LONDON, January 29. In the UK today descended from the conveyor last Land Rover Defender, which didn’t stop for 68 years. This was reported by Reuters.

With early release of Land Rover Defender in 1948, has sold more than 2 million SUVs, says the Agency, noting that among the famous owners of this model car – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. “Now we have the technology, innovative engineering capabilities and design expertise, necessary for the further evolution of the car”, – said the representative of Jaguar Land Rover.

Predominantly manual assembling one of the classic car models at the factory in English Solihull takes 56 hours, which is more expensive and requires more time than production of many other vehicles using the engine Assembly. Earlier it was reported that the reason that forced Land Rover to take the decision to end production of Defender model, modern safety requirements and ecological compatibility of cars, which SUV does not match.