RF MFA: Warsaw must choose between partnership with Moscow and life phobias

MOSCOW, January 29. Poland should choose, whether it is through cooperation, to which Russia is open, or continues to live with phobias and fears. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova answering the question.

“If one place is formed actively by powerful financial influences the image of the enemy, else the people will live in a state of fear,’ she said, commenting on the words of the head of the Polish foreign Ministry that Moscow is the main source of concern for Warsaw in the field of security. – Understand that this is the story of one campaign. Warsaw in this case fulfills the signal, accepts the messages sent by Washington.”

“What is it Warsaw, is unclear, – continued the diplomat. They say that “they are not sure”, but in order to be confident, you just need to start to cooperate.”

“We are ready to develop economic and political relations with Poland, we are ready to solve the most complex issues associated with our history,’ she said. Is a constructive path that is associated with the interaction. There is another way – to live phobias, fears, to live in permanent uncertainty. To choose Poland: whether it is through cooperation, collaboration, to which Russia is open, or continues to live with some images that she draw”.