RusHydro get a tax break for the launch of the Nizhne-Bureiskaya HPP in the Amur region in the period

BLAGOVESHCHENSK, January 29. The authorities of the Amur region provided the company “RusHydro” lower taxes on income, to energy, saving 109 million rubles, to the end of 2016 to start construction in region Nizhne-Bureiskaya hydroelectric power plant (HPP).

“Accept the rule will allow the use of freed from tax advantages to 109 million rubles as a source of financing of top-priority measures to prepare the flood zone of reservoir of the lower Bureyskaya HPP in 2016 is lesouchastok, sanitary preparation, security and rescue archaeological work”, – quotes the press service of the regional government of the word of the acting Minister of economic development of the region Svetlana’s Point.

The acting Minister noted that all costs are counted and evaluated by the designers, and given the seasonal nature of work, their needs to be started now. “Then you can count on the plant in 2016. In March should begin the flooding of the reservoir. If these works are not met, it will lead to failure of commissioning of the new power plant”, – said Balova.

The press service added that the anticipated tax revenues in the budget of the Amur region in 2017 will be in the range of 800 million rubles. “By investing today, to 109 million rubles, we get in 2016 a quarter of the annual amount of taxes, and in 2017 the taxes will be directed to the budget in full”, – said the first Deputy Chairman of the regional government Marina Dedyushko.

The company “Nizhne-Bureiskaya HPP” – subsidiary of the holding company “RusHydro”, created in 2006.

Hydroelectric power plant is being built on the Bureya river in the Amur region and is located downstream of the existing hydroelectric Bureyskaya, she will serve as its reservoir. It is planned to install four generating units with a total capacity of 320 MW. Besides power generation, another important function of Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP will be the alignment of irregular discharges from Bureyskaya HPP.