Russia and Finland will continue cooperation on the “Nord stream 2”

Moscow. January 29. Russia and Finland are considering the project “Nord stream 2” with a pragmatic, not a political point of view, said at a joint press conference, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and the Prime Minister of Finland Juha Sipil√£.

Regarding Nord stream 2″ is a too big project. We also discussed it. We are talking about a commercial project, how would anyone define it. It was conceived by the Russian side and European partners. Finland also considers it so. And given our work on the “Northern stream 1″ we intend to continue the cooperation based on this approach,” said Russian Prime Minister.

His Finnish colleague added: “Finland comes from the fact that the European Commission will give a legal assessment of this project. For Finland it is a commercial project, and we relate pragmatically to him.”

Medvedev also noted at the press conference that the sanctions do not affect the construction of NPP “Hanhikivi-1” in Finland, and construction on the project goes.