Source: the Central Bank has cut Alta-Bank, and Millennium Bank from its system

Source: the Central Bank has cut Alta-Bank, and Millennium Bank from its system

Banks that the Central Bank had previously disconnected from your system “electronic Banking for urgent payments”, were subsequently denied a license. According to sources, in the case of Alta-Bank and Millennium Bank we are talking about partial type of Seating.

MOSCOW, 29 Jan. Vitaly Soldier. The Bank of Russia has disabled the Alt-Bank and Millennium Bank from its system of “electronic Banking for urgent payments” (BESP), said two sources in banking circles.

A number of banks that the regulator was previously disabled from BESP, were subsequently denied a license. In rare cases, disconnecting from BESP is temporary, and the Bank continues its work.

According to sources, in the case of these two banks it comes to the type of partial disconnection from BESP. From the provisions of the Central Bank N303-P it follows that the partial disconnection from the BESP may indicate that the Bank appointed a temporary administration of ASV. Also, this type of constraint is introduced in the presence of a queue is not executed by the Bank on time orders to correspondent account in the Central Bank or where the Bank has no sufficient funds for payments through the payment system of the Bank of Russia. If partial restriction of electronic payment messages for emergency payments from such a Bank are not accepted, but payments to his address come without problems.

Client Alta-Bank on the specialized forum complained that the lender has conducted his payment order with a delay of several days (from 13 to 25 January). To reach the office of the Bank to the correspondent failed. Millennium Bank had problems with payments at least since last week. In the call center of the credit institution refer to the “technical problems”, and press service to a request is not answered.

According to RIA Rating, Alta-Bank on 1 January was occupied 180-e a place in the Russian banking system with assets of 19.8 billion rubles. The Bank’s shareholders are legal entities and individuals.

Millenium Bank was occupied on October 1, 281 place with assets to 8,55 billion. It is owned by 6 companies: “the administration Bamtonnelstroy” (the key owner is Eugene sur), “Statos” (Oleg Bayev, Alexander and Olga Melnik), “RZD-stations Development” (Sergey Pak), “the Railway trading company” (Russian Railways), “Trading house Russian Railways” (Sergey Orlov), “Beteltrans” (Igor Chaika).