The state Duma adopted the law on the election observers

The state Duma adopted the law on the election observers

MOSCOW, January 29. The state Duma adopted in the second and once in the third – final – reading of the draft law on increase of guarantees to observers from political parties and candidates. Amendments made to the laws on basic guarantees of electoral rights and on elections of deputies of the state Duma.

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As explained by the Deputy head of Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Dmitry Vyatkin, the law is aimed at realization of the message of the President of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly to ensure the openness, transparency and fairness of the electoral process. In this regard, according to the Deputy, amendments were proposed that “provides additional safeguards for observers and members of election commissions”. The main of these proposals, in his opinion, was the introduction of “exclusively judicial order of removal of the observer or the election Commission member who broke the law during the vote”. “In order to remove the offender, who is the observer, will need to obtain a court decision”, – said the Deputy head of the Committee.

In addition, continued Vyatkin, the bill allowed an unobstructed photo and video shooting at the polling station, and expands the list of documents that can meet the observers and nominated members of election commissions with deliberative vote.

The reduction in the number of observers

The law also limited to to 2 the number of observers at polling stations by political parties and candidates.

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“In terms of the number of observers that we have proposed to reduce the number of appointed observers from 5 to 2 people given the fact that we have 14 parties can participate in elections of deputies of the State Duma without having to collect signatures,” – said Vyatkin.

He noted that “almost guaranteed that all of these 14 parties will present their candidates as lists and single-mandate constituencies”. “Of course, we must ensure that the work of the electoral commissions to register again each arriving observer,” the MP stated. In addition, he has paid attention that “in practice, not to get these 5 people, many parties face a shortage of people (to observe)”.”Two observers is quite enough,” – said Vyatkin.

At the same time the law stipulates that the same person may be appointed as observer in only one electoral Commission. “The list of appointed observers submitted to the relevant territorial Commission not later than 3 days before election day (early voting) with indication of surname, name and patronymic of each observer, the address of his place of residence, number of the polling station, the names of the election Commission, in which it is sent”, – stated in the document.