The state Duma will be defined with the number of observers at the polling station

The state Duma will be defined with the number of observers at the polling station

According to the parliamentarians, the presence of an unlimited number of observers at a polling station may hinder the process of voting, and the parties will attempt to reach agreement, many observers may be required at each site.

MOSCOW, 29 APR –. The state Duma at session on Friday will consider in the second reading a bill that defines the number of observers from the party or candidate that can be at the polling station when voting in elections or referendum.

In December last year, the lower house of Parliament adopted in first reading the draft law the deputies from the Communist party, which establishes that the polling station can be no more than five observers from parties and candidates. The constitutional state Duma Committee later approved the amendments allowing the appointment of up to two observers.

On the eve of state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin explained that the purpose of this rule is that when the participation of a large number of political parties and independent candidates, the presence of an unlimited number of “observers at the polling station could seriously impede the work of electoral commissions and, thus, create a barrier to the implementation of the voters’ right to vote.”

The leader “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov said earlier that the faction would support the original proposal of the colleagues-Communists who insist on the five observers from the candidate on the site. According to the MP, the two observers is not enough.

First Deputy Chairman of the Communist party faction Sergei Reshulsky considers that, pursuant to the amendments of deputies of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir pligina and Dmitry Vyatkin reduction in the number of observers to two people, “one can assume that the Institute of observers will come”.