Poland has invited Russia to continue negotiations for freight

Poland has invited Russia to continue negotiations for freight

Trucking was in jeopardy after the failure of the Polish side to present to Russian colleagues for permissions for 2016 and their requirements change Russian laws relating to Polish carriers.

MOSCOW, 30 APR –. Vice-Minister of infrastructure of Poland, Jerzy Schmidt stated that he had sent a letter to the Russian side with a proposal to continue negotiations for freight.

“We want to ensure that these negotiations ended with the agreement as quickly as possible, but we want to provide clear conditions,” Polish media quoted the words of Schmitt, said at a press conference.

Russian transport Ministry on Thursday said the threat of termination of road transport between Russia and Poland. As noted by the Ministry, Poland has refused to give Russia a concrete proposal for the exchange permissions for 2016 for trucking between the countries.

According to Deputy Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Nikolay assaul, the Polish side in “the form of an ultimatum calling for the abolition of the Russian law”, not agreeing to hold a traditional exchange for the right of way of road hauliers.

“Russia unilaterally and administratively leads to radical decrease in the presence of the Polish and Polish transport of goods on the market,” said Schmidt.

The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation explained that the requirements of the Russian legislation aimed at streamlining the control of Russian permits for the transport of goods in relations with third countries and designed to make competition among motor carriers in the international market of road transport services honest and transparent.

January 31 is the deadline still the Treaty between the Russian Federation and Poland. If the parties do not come to a new agreement, the Polish carriers will be required to leave the territory of Russia.

He also reported that on 4 February about the problem with the representative of the European Commission in Brussels will say the head of the Department Andrzej adamczyk.

According to Schmitt, the conditions of road transport between Russia And Poland, including the transit to a third country, governed by an international Treaty of 1996, and the Polish side does not agree to the changes, “made in December by the Russians, on the transport to third countries, as well as Polish products.”

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski said Poland intends to continue the dialogue with Russia regarding road haulage. According to him, Poland “will defend interests of road carriers” and propose a new meeting with the Russian side.