The Communist party held a campaign workshop for candidates for deputies of the state Duma

The seminar was held training for first secretaries and mandate in the light of the forthcoming election campaign, was tasked to bring the rating of the Communist party to the level of popularity of the party program, said the first Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Ivan Melnikov.

MOSCOW, 30 APR –. The Communist party of Russia held a seminar-conference first secretaries of regional committees of branches and of candidates for deputies of the state Duma, in particular, independent candidates, where they discussed the nuances of the forthcoming campaign, raising campaign of the potential and relevance of the programme of the party, said the first Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee, head of the Central headquarters of the party at elections Ivan Melnikov.

“This is our traditional January training, we spend it in this period for many years. It differs from the plenums greater adaptability and practicality of the discussed issues and challenges”, — said Melnikov.

However, this workshop differs from previous ones in that it was attended by representatives of the media, even party. Melnikov explained that the desire ahead of the elections do the talking exclusively internal.

“Secondly, this time is not only learning for the first secretaries, but also for independent candidates. We all gathered to talk about the nuances that distinguish tools from single-member campaign payroll,” — said the head of a staff.

Melnikov did not specify what and how it is discussed.

“I can only say that in our common view, that program, those initiatives which we proposed last ten years, is today on everyone’s lips and in General become the only way to get the economy out of the crisis. We still have a gap between the popularity of our program and the rating of the party. Here is our Central task is to bring the support of the party to the level of support our programmatic ideas,” he explained.

During the financial and economic crisis, this task is solved, and its effective solution depends mainly on dedicated, smart, enthusiastic, tech work of each candidate, according to the Communist party.

“We just focused on how to improve the agitation efficiency in all directions, deeply looked and marked all of the resources and reserves of positioning and methods of work”, — said Melnikov.

According to him, everything that was discussed at the seminar, should be taken into account at the level of regional election offices. According to Melnikov, they have a large Arsenal of Analytics and a hefty package of fresh interesting ideas. “It is important to correctly and harmoniously adapt to all of this on their territory”, he concluded.