The Ministry of industry and trade has not revealed price hikes on products in retail chains since the beginning of the year

Moscow. January 30. Price spikes in the retail segment since the beginning of the year on the background of the devaluation of the ruble and measures in relation to Ukraine and Turkey is not committed, said the head of Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

“For the last three weeks no spikes occurred. Secondly, for some groups is the opposite decrease or increase, so overall we see no critical situations on the market,” he told reporters on Saturday.

Earlier it was reported that the growth of prices for food products in the Russian Federation for 2015 was 14.3%, while in EU food just became more expensive by 0.3%, according to the survey of the Federal service of state statistics (Rosstat).

While in December prices for food in Russia grew by 1.4% and in the EU decreased by 0.2%.

2015 in Russia the greatest gain of consumer prices was observed for fruit – 28.7 per cent (in EU countries – 4.0 per cent).

Sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and sweets have risen in price in Russia in 2015 to 23.0% (in EU – on 1,0%), fish and seafood – 22.9% (1.6%), oils and fats – by 22.2% (3.7%), bakery products and cereals – by 15.3% (on average across the European Union prices for this group of products has not changed).

Prices for dairy products, cheese and eggs increased in Russia in 2015 is 10.5% (the average for the EU – declined by 3.0%), vegetables 8.0% (in the EU increased on average by 4.0%).

Meat and meat products in Russia in 2015 has risen by 7.8% (in the European Union they became cheaper on average by 1.1%).