Belarus from February 1, lowers export duties on oil and oil products

MINSK, 1 February. /Corr. Larissa Kuznecova/. Belarus from February 1, 2016 lowers down to the Russian level the export duties on oil and oil products exported outside the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union. Foreseen by the decision of the Council of Ministers.

Thus, export duty rate on crude oil from February 1, will be lowered from us $73.3 to $52 for 1 ton. The duty on straight-run gasoline will decrease from $52 to $36,9 per tonne, on commercial gasoline – from $44.7 to $31.7 per metric ton. The duty on light, medium distillates will be $20,8 per ton (was $29,3). Note: the same fee established for diesel fuel, benzene, toluene, xylene, lubricating and other oils.

The last time the rates of export customs duties for raw oil and individual categories of goods produced from oil, changed on 1 January. Then they were also relegated.

Belarus 2010 completely unified with Russia the export customs duties on oil and oil products. Earlier Minsk in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement, which regulates the mechanism of distribution of export duties on oil and oil products transferred to the Russian budget the whole amount of export duties on oil products derived from Russian oil. In 2015 Belarus, under the new agreement with Russia, leaving in its budget the entire volume of export duties on oil products produced by Belarusian refineries from Russian oil.

The national budget for 2016 based on average oil prices at$ 50 per barrel.