In the U.S. published a new index of economic freedom, Russia put on 153rd place

WASHINGTON, February 1. /Corr. Ivan Lebedev/. Changes among the countries-leaders and outsiders in the area of economic freedom in 2015 nearly did not happen. The freest on this indicator was in Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand, and non-free – Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea. This is the opinion of the Washington research organization The Heritage Foundation, published on Sunday evening next “the Index of economic freedom in the world”.

In the study, which she has more than 20 years in a row is preparing jointly with the newspaper of business circles of the USA The Wall Street Journal, analyzed the situation in 178 countries. USA again, as in previous years, did not even make the top ten, finding themselves in 11th place. Partly this reflected the conservative views of the authors of the report believe that the Obama administration in its regulation constrains business activity in the country.

Russia at this time, they put only 153-e a place – 10 positions lower than last year. Worsened their situation and Belarus, dropping the list from 153 rd 157 th string. Ukraine was, and has remained at 162nd place. Together with other 23 countries, scored on a 100-point scale less than 50 points, it is classified as “repressed economies”. From the former Soviet republics in this category were also Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

In the preparation of the index of American experts was guided by such criteria as property rights, protection against corruption, the situation in the field of taxation, public spending, the situation on the labour market and freedom of enterprise, use of money, trade, investment and financial transactions. The level of development of the economy are not always consistent with the indicators of economic freedom in a country. So, Italy took a list of only the 86-th place, and China – 144-E.

At the same time, the authors of the report noted that economic freedom has a direct impact on economic growth, income, General welfare, food security and environmental situation. In addition to Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand, the first ten on this indicator experts like The Heritage Foundation have included Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Chile, Ireland, Estonia and the UK. Completing the list together with North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela, countries like Zimbabwe, Turkmenistan, Eritrea, Republic of the Congo, Iran, Equatorial Guinea and Argentina. Several countries, including Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen were not included in the total list because the ongoing armed conflicts are not allowed to collect about them the information needed.