Media: Rosfinnadzor may be abolished

The authority structure is expected to be distributed between the Treasury, Federal tax service and Federal customs service of Russia, “Vedomosti” with reference to the three Federal officials.

MOSCOW, 1 Feb. Federal service of financial-budgetary supervision can be abolished and its powers divided between the Treasury, Federal tax service (FTS) and the Federal customs service (FCS), wrote on Monday newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the three Federal officials.

Rosfinnadzor carries out functions on control and supervision in financially-budgetary sphere, functions of monetary authority, the functions of external quality control of work of audit organizations, as well as the functions of control over observance of regulations in public procurement.

“Rosfinnadzor waiting for liquidation, its powers can be transferred to the Treasury, tax and customs services,” — said the publication.

Another official told the newspaper that the presidential decree will be signed soon.

Comments of press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov and the representative of the Ministry of Finance “Vedomosti” do not have.

About the lack of effectiveness of Rosfinnadzor Russian senators said in 2012. Then in the Federation Council noted that the Rosfinnadzor not effectively collects fines for violations of budgetary and currency legislation, and also due to the lack of administrative regulations does not perform the state function on control and supervision of the work of the organs of the state under in the regions and external quality control of audit organizations.