Putin Golikov was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” II degree

MOSCOW, 1 February. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarding the Chairman of the accounts chamber Tatyana Golikova the order “For merits before Fatherland” II degree. As stated in the presidential decree published on the official portal of legal information, Golikov was awarded “for the big merits before the state and many years of diligent work”.

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Under the same decree, the Order of courage is awarded to Department head of flight support flight test complex of JSC “Kamov” “for bold and decisive actions committed in circumstances involving a risk to life, testing and implementation of new samples of aviation technique”. Four Russians awarded “for their courage and determination in saving lives in extreme conditions” medal “save the precarious”. Among them – the Deputy Director of the Chita trading-culinary school Veronica Aref’eva (posthumously), the Deputy chief of Department of court bailiffs of the Tomsk region Yevhen Zakharov, the driver of the fire truck from Khakassia Viktor Kuznetsov and Tatyana Petukhova (posthumously) of Zabaykalsky Krai.

“For merits in the field of Economics and Finance,” the honorary title “Honored economist of the Russian Federation” Putin gave the head of the Federal Treasury Roman Artyukhin. The title of “Honored art worker of the Russian Federation” was given to screenwriter Alexander Adabashyan, and the title of “Honored artist of the Russian Federation” – the ballet dancer of theatre “the Kremlin ballet” Irina Ablitsova.

“For merits in the field of health, medical science and many years of diligent work” the Order of honour was awarded to the Director of the Endocrinology scientific center Ivan Dedov.