Railways in 2016 507 acquires new locomotives to 69.2 billion rubles

Railways in 2016 507 acquires new locomotives to 69.2 billion rubles

MOSCOW, 1 February. JSC “Russian Railways” (RZD) will acquire in 2016 507 new locomotives, including electric locomotives 257 and 250 locomotives, said in a statement.

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The RZHD’s investment program provides for these purposes 69.2 billion rubles.

The Park traction rolling stock will join the mainline freight DC electric locomotives with asynchronous traction drive 3ЭС10 Granit (15 units), electric freight AC Ermak 2ES5K (20 units) and 3ЭС5К (78 units), electric freight DC 2ЭС6 “Sinara” (86 units), electric freight DC 3ЭС4К “dons” (15 units), freight locomotives with asynchronous traction drive 2TE25A (4 units) and locomotives 2ТЭ25КМ (100 units), freight locomotives 2ТЭ116У (6 units) 3ТЭ116У (1 unit), 2TE116UD (6 units), and mainline gas turbine locomotive ГТ1һ (1 unit).

In addition, there are plans to purchase 4 passenger electric locomotive EP20 dual-voltage “Olympus”, 35 passenger electric locomotives of EP2K DC, 4 passenger AC electric locomotive ЭП1М, 15 passenger diesel locomotives TEP70BS.

The Park shunting locomotives the company will add 80 diesel locomotive ТЭМ18ДМ, 26 diesel locomotives with diesel power plant ТЭМ14, 1 diesel locomotive with a hybrid power plant ТЭМ9Н.

In the framework of the renewal of traction rolling stock of Railways of Sakhalin it is planned to purchase 10 locomotives ТГ16М, the operation of which is possible on the track width, 1067 mm and 1520 mm.

Just Park the company is currently – more than 20 thousand locomotives.

Earlier the Deputy Minister of transport of RF Alexey Tsydenov was informed that the government of the Russian Federation supported the allocation of RZD 40 billion rubles from the national welfare Fund (NWF) for the purchase of locomotives in 2016 Speaking about the mechanism of allocation of funds from NWF, Tsydenov said that it is planned to use the mechanism of foreclosure by banks bonds of the Russian Railways at the expense of means of NWF. In turn, VTB President Andrei Kostin announced that the Bank is ready to buy bonds of Russian Railways to purchase locomotives, if the state approves the allocation of funds from the NWF.