Rosfinnadzor will be eliminated

Moscow. February 1. Federal service of financial-budgetary supervision (Rosfinnadzor) will be abolished, its powers are estimated to be split between the Treasury, tax and customs services, “Vedomosti” reports with reference to sources. According to one of them, a presidential decree will be signed soon.

Rosfinnadzor created in the structure of the Ministry of Finance in 2004, the office monitors compliance with monetary and fiscal legislation. In practice, the service became unnecessary link, said one of the interlocutors of “Vedomosti”: it assigns penalties for violations discovered by the FCS and FTS. The protocols of the FCS (that is, violations of currency legislation, the audit chamber repeatedly noted that these penalties are almost never recovered) 95% of its audits, the materials of the Rosfinnadzor – only 4%.

FCS was recently transferred to the Ministry of Finance and the Federal tax service and the Treasury Department (it can be passed to the function of Rosfinnadzor in the part of the audits of government purchases) and so is accountable to the Ministry.

The head of Rosfinnadzor from January 2013 is Alexander Smirnov, former Deputy Finance Minister, MNF-I, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on budget and financem.