Russian IT-companies will extend benefits on insurance premiums

Moscow. February 1. President Vladimir Putin on 1 April is waiting for the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of communications, Ministry of economic development, as well as from stakeholder agencies and NGO “Institute for the development of the Internet” (IRI) proposals for extension of the reduced insurance rates for Russian IT companies.

The corresponding order the President gave at the forum “Internet Economy 2015”, which took place at the end of last year, according to the Kremlin website.

Now for IT-companies, accredited in the Ministry of communications, provided for reduced rates of insurance contributions to 14% from payments within the base for calculation of contributions and 0% of payments in excess of the limit of the base. Benefits are valid until 2017. According to the Ministry of communications, in 2014 these companies have saved through the benefits about 22 billion roubles.

At the meeting with representatives of the Russian IT industry at the forum, Putin supported the proposal to extend benefits, reported the General Director of InfoWatch Natalya Kaspersky. According to her, the heads of Russian IT companies also proposed to exclude from this benefit companies with foreign owners, to which the President responded that “have to think, so as not to conflict with WTO rules”.

Russian Internet users also suggested to extend the tax break for companies developing Internet technology, such as “Yandex” and objections on the part of Putin was not, said Kaspersky.

The Ministry of communications in October of last year sent the government a proposal to extend the exemption for insurance contributions for IT companies. According to the head of the Ministry Nikolai Nikiforov, without such benefits Russian jurisdiction will be uncomfortable for IT business.

Against state support of IT industry through a system of compulsory social insurance is social block of the government. The Ministry of labor proposes instead to provide incentives for IT companies subsidies from the budget for compensation of contributions paid. The Ministry of communications has criticized this option: IT companies have, in fact, to advance payments. In addition, in the case of transition to the organization’s subsidy of the payments will have to deal with the Ministry of communications, and this requires additional States and representative offices in the regions, noted the head of the Ministry Nikolai Nikiforov. Also, IT companies have concerns, “the part of money that have to win”, said the Minister.