The reduction of payments to militants has led to problems with the creation of new groups of terrorists

The reduction of payments to militants has led to problems with the creation of new groups of terrorists

MOSCOW, 1 February. “Islamic state” (IG, grouping forbidden in the Russian Federation) on third has reduced payments to militants because of declining revenues from smuggling oil to Turkey.

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This has already led to significant problems with the formation of new groups of terrorists, told journalists the official representative of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov.

“Due to the significant decrease in financial income from illicit oil sales to Turkey, last week the ISIL militants (formerly known as Islamic state) dropped by one third cash payouts to militants that have already led to significant problems in the feeding and formation of new militias,” said Konashenkov.

He stressed that the struggle of the Russian HQs with illegal oilfield terrorists have reduced the combat readiness of the militants.

Earlier, the Russian military reported that thanks to the strikes of the militants revenues from illegal oil trade has reduced from $3 million to $1.5 million According to military, terrorists had about 8.5 thousand of tanker trucks to transport fuel, while at the end of December, the General staff reported the destruction of about 2 thousand of these vehicles.

These foreign media

Previously, the newspaper The Independent , in its possession which document was the so-called “Finance Department” is circulated under the control of the Islamists the city of raqqa. According to the document, payments to the militants in Syria reduced by half.

States that it is “the decision concerns all without exception”, including the leaders of factions. The money will be issued as before – twice a month.

Operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria

According to 15 February, aircraft of the aerospace defence forces of Russia for almost four months of operations in Syria has fulfilled 5662 sorties. It was also made of 97 launches of cruise missiles sea-and air-based.

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The targeted are infrastructure, bases, and the accumulation of military equipment and manpower of terrorists.

“From 30 September 2015, Air-space forces of Russia in Syria executed 5662 sorties, including 145 sorties of aircraft strategic missile and long-range bombers, start of 97 cruise missiles, sea-and air-based,” said the head of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Lieutenant General Sergey rudskoy.