The stock market declined on a negative external background

The stock market declined on a negative external background

Against the background of negative dynamics of the major stock markets in Europe and the contracts for stock indices in the U.S., the MICEX index to closing has decreased to 1773,21 points, RTS index – to 730,39 item.

MOSCOW, 1 Feb. Elena Likova. The share market of the Russian Federation on Monday has decreased on major indices on the background of negative dynamics of the major stock markets in Europe and contracts in stock indexes in the United States.

The MICEX index to closing has decreased on 0,66% — to 1773,21 points, the RTS index — 2% to 730,39 points, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange.

The dollar calculations “tomorrow” to 18.56 MSK grew by 1.12 ruble — to 76.55 ruble, Euro — by 1.6 ruble — to 83,34 ruble.

The April futures for oil of mark Brent has fallen to 3,93% to 34,58 dollars per barrel.

Corporate history

Shares of Aeroflot rose is 8.46% to 54,77 of the ruble, the day has risen above 9% to 55,24 rubles, renewing the maximum since mid-January 2016, in light of the information about the possible privatization of the company.

Earlier on Monday, the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that the privatization of “Aeroflot”, “Rosneft” and “Rostelecom” can be approved this week.

Then the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the meeting said that the privatization should take into account market trends, you cannot sell shares for a pittance — it is fraught with seizure of enterprises.

In the list of participants from top managers of state-controlled companies and banks was listed as the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin, the CEO of “Sovcomflot” Sergey Frank, the head of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev, President and Chairman of the Board VTB Andrey Kostin, the head of “Bashneft” Alexander Korsik, the President of ALROSA Andrey Zharkov, the head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov.

As follows from the data exchange, to the close of the action “Rosneft” have decreased on 0,97%, actions VTB – on 0,27% amid falling ruble and oil prices.

Additional pressure on VTB stock has had a message stating that the credit organization as part of the reorganization of the Bank of Moscow are ready to redeem their ordinary shares for 4 cents and preferred shares at a price of 1 penny, and the prefs class And 10 cents for those who will not agree to the accession of JSC “BS Bank (the Special)”, allocated from the Bank of Moscow.

This increased the prices of paper Bashneft (prefs — 2.43%, ordinary shares – 0.72%), the shares of ALROSA (0,44%), papers “Rostelecom” (ordinary shares by 0.71%, preferred shares – 0.23%).

Shares of “Aeroflot” attempt to start a new ascending wave dynamics, they are trying to reverse the downtrend, which took place in the area 52.5 ruble, analyst investholding “Finam” Bogdan Zvarich. “The purpose of this growth may be the area of 77.5 rubles,” he says.

The growth of shares of “Yandex”

Shares of Yandex were up by 0.6% on orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin in September to submit proposals for changes in legislation to ensure equal conditions for the companies in the country using the Internet and by April to consider the question of the renewal of the lowered tariffs of insurance contributions for domestic companies engaged in the field of information technology.

The President also ordered by April to submit proposals for the establishment of Centre of excellence for import substitution in the field of information and communication technologies. In September should be ready to draft the procedure of forming the list of prospective information and communication technologies for the selection of projects by development institutions, and two months later the proposals for the introduction of domestic technologies of the industrial Internet.

Forecasts and recommendations

Correction of quotations of “black gold” may continue to put pressure on the ruble and the stock market, says analyst “Discovery Broker” Andrei Kochetkov.

“While there is no certainty that an agreement between producers to be signed, which means that the disappointment of the market can be quite impressive. Accordingly, another failure of the quotations will be met by attacks on the ruble and the Russian stock market,” he comments.

Oil prices hovered in the range of 34.5-36 dollars per barrel, the output of which may occur in the case of the emergence of new strong triggers, says Alexander Kostyukov of “Veles Capital”. One of these triggers can become an extraordinary OPEC meeting, however, the probability of its holding was limited only to certain rumors. Tuesday will be quite poor on macroeconomic publications, so the market is probably sideways movement.