Elin: restrictions on the purchase abroad caused an increase in prices for government purchases

MOSCOW, 2 Feb. Restrictions on purchases from foreign companies has led to higher prices in public procurement by more than 40%, said the Deputy head of the Ministry of economic development Evgeny Elin on the Board of the Ministry on Tuesday.

“We today need to create a mechanism that would restrict the budget losses from using protectionist measures against Russian products. Losses arise from the fact that we get a price increase due to the introduction of bans and restrictions on government purchases of foreign goods,” said Elin, who oversees the Ministry in the sphere of public procurement.

According to him, currently in the Russian Federation subject to restrictions on the procurement of about 420 species of goods of foreign origin.

“We see that these restrictions immediately gave us the price increase by more than 40% in public procurement. In addition, unlimited use of protectionist measures will inevitably lead to lower quality products,” he added.

Elin believes that restrictive measures should be limited in time, and the Ministry of economic development has already prepared the relevant proposals.