Gatilov: Russia will continue to assist Damascus in fighting terrorists

GENEVA, 2 February. Russia will continue to assist the government of Syria help in the fight against terrorism, the cease-fire in the extremist group will not apply. This was stated by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Gennady Gatilov.

“Russia understands the importance of a ceasefire, he said. But this does not apply to terrorists.” Gatilov stressed that “Russia will continue to assist the Syrian government in the fight against terrorists.”

Gatilov also said that the question of the participation of the Kurds in Syrian peace negotiations remains one of the basic Geneva. He noted that de Mistura will continue to send out invitations to the Kurds to participate in inter-Syrian negotiations, the Russian Federation counts on their connection.

In addition, according to the diplomat, significant progress in the compilation of a list of terrorists in Syria yet.

Attempts to link the inter-Syrian negotiations the requirements for Damascus could pose a threat dialogue, said the Gatilov.

The diplomat stressed that the request of the delegation of Damascus to submit a specific list of negotiators from the opposition natural.

The fight against terrorism should become one of the main topics of the inter-Syrian negotiations, said the Gatilov.

Gatilov said the opposition delegation of ATS formed in Riyadh, did not offer a meeting in Russia.

Meetings with representatives of the U.S.

Russia does not preclude further meetings with US representatives in Geneva to discuss the Syrian peace talks, the diplomat said.

“When we last met with representatives of the U.S., we agreed that in the future there may be new such contacts,” he said. The Gatilov did not specify where such contacts can take place.

About the opposition

Gatilov also said that the merger of the two delegations of the Syrian opposition at talks in Geneva have not been forthcoming.

“The question of drawing up a unified opposition delegation is not, at the moment there are two: the Riyadh team and a group called the Lausanne, he said. – These two main groups will be partners of the Syrian government delegation”.

According to Gatilov, the final composition of the negotiating delegation of the Syrian opposition in Geneva can be determined in the next two days.

“In the coming days there will be meetings with de Mistura representatives of the opposition, the results of which can be declared part of the negotiating delegation, the Deputy Minister said. – It may be tomorrow or day after tomorrow.”

Terms of the settlement

In the Syrian settlement the main thing – not strict time limits, and output the result. Thus, Sergey Lavrov responded to a question about whether the settlement process completed in six months, as provide for existing agreements.

“Don’t get hung up on strict deadlines, he said. – If it will take more than half a year, but the process will go, it is not necessary to refuse it”.

China’s Position

According to Gatilov, China shares the principled approaches of Russia to the Syrian settlement.

“China basically shares the approaches of Russia”, – he said, commenting on today’s contacts with Chinese colleagues in the UN. “Today almost everyone understands the need for a speedy settlement of the conflict”, – said the diplomat.