“Gazprom” has not excluded participation in export projects in Iran

Moscow. February 1. “Gazprom” does not exclude the participation in the implementation of export projects in Iran, said Deputy Chairman of “Gazprom” Alexander Medvedev at a meeting with investors in new York.

“The lifting of the sanctions against Iran cannot but have an impact on the overall picture of global oil and gas market. But it is necessary to distinguish the oil and gas market. In our opinion, a priority for Iran will be addressing primarily the domestic demand and especially in his territorial aspect. It is no secret that in the Northern parts of Iran there is a substantial shortage of gas. And not accidentally in our meetings the subject of the use of Russian products to meet the needs of Iran was discussed quite specifically,” added the Manager “Gazprom”.

“With regard to export capacity of Iran, they do exist and are in LP, and in a pipe form. But what would be the purpose of this gas, it is still an open poll. As for Iran or any other country, we do not fear competition. Our inventory, our costs, the export infrastructure can be confident that our share in the global gas market will not decrease,” – said Medvedev.