In the state Duma on February 12 to discuss measures for economic growth in Russia

In the state Duma on February 12 to discuss measures for economic growth in Russia

During the meeting parliamentarians, representatives of the government and the Central Bank will discuss the steps you should take to ensure sustainable economic growth in Russia.

MOSCOW, 2 Feb –. Parliamentarians, representatives of the government and the Central Bank on 12 February at the parliamentary hearings in the state Duma will discuss measures to ensure economic growth, said the head of the Duma Committee on economic policy Anatoly Aksakov (“Fair Russia”).

“We have 12 of February will be held parliamentary hearings on the measures the Federal Assembly, the government and the Central Bank to achieve sustainable economic growth. There will be governors to speak, and representatives of regional legislatures and the state Duma. We expect the statement (Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Alexey) speaker there. Be chaired by Sergey Evgenievich (Naryshkin, state Duma speaker),” — said Aksakov.

In his opinion, it is quite possible that this event will occur an exchange of views that will lay the basis for the adoption of comprehensive anti-crisis plan for 2016.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the draft of the new plan of action in the economy includes measures to support exports and individual industries: agriculture, automotive, housing, light industry, transport and agricultural engineering. In addition, the document provides for support of export of high-tech and innovative products.

Aksakov considers that the list of measures aimed at stabilizing the situation in connection with the fall in oil prices, are quite reasonable, the approaches already tested in 2009, as well as in 2015.

“In principle that is supported by the industry that funds are allocated for purchasing of agricultural machinery is also normal measures, we were talking about them even when discussing the draft budget. As measures of stabilizing the situation, this is perfectly reasonable and welcome,” he said.

Medvedev also said that anti-crisis plan contains and the second part, which deals with structural measures to create a reserve for economic development in the medium term.

According to Aksakov, a radical change of the economic structure can be achieved by the locomotive projects.

“The locomotive, in the area of infrastructure, it is necessary to invest money from the reserve Fund or national welfare Fund, either to give credit to the development institutes, such as Vnesheconombank, to ensure that the money went to the highway, for the construction of roads, engineering structures. We need the mega-projects… the construction of facilities for the Olympics has been an engine for economic growth”, — said the Deputy.

He also believes that it is necessary to revive the program of housing construction economy class.

“Supporting the construction of such housing, maybe it will be rental, we simultaneously solve the social problem and economic problem,” — said Aksakov.