Manturov: the KLA intends to sell Egypt 4 SuperJet with the option for another 6 vessels

CAIRO, 2 February. United aircraft Corporation (UAC) may conclude a contract with Egypt for the sale of four aircraft SSJ-100 with options for another six aircraft. About it told journalists the head of Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov in the framework of the working visit to Cairo.

“We believe that tomorrow’s colleagues must sign a Memorandum with one of the Egyptian travel companies on the delivery to Egypt of four aircraft SSJ-100 in operational leasing with translation in Finance lease after 18 months and a further option for another six cars to transport tourists within the region,” he said.

The Ministry of industry and trade counts on the coordination of aluminium with China and Saudi Arabia

Denis Manturov also said that the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation intends to create working groups for the coordination of activities in the aluminum market with China and Saudi Arabia.

“The working group, which operates in Bahrain, Qatar, the same thing we proposed to do in Saudi Arabia and, I hope, with China. We will offer and we will convince you that this needs to be done, be sure to coordinate policy in this direction,” he said.