Media: the Central Bank intends to visit legal entities-borrowers of banks to check their activities

MOSCOW, 2 February. The CBR has compiled a questionnaire, which will be the activity of the companies-borrowers of the banks for the purpose of clarification, are they real activity or is it a technical structure, credits which can be used for questionable transactions. On Tuesday “Vedomosti”.

So, representatives of the Central Bank away have to check a few points. In particular, when testing will be specified the type of borrower and kind of services provided, as well as the status of the room used as an office. The inspection also subject to the company’s Charter, certificate of registration, primary and secondary seals.

The Central Bank also intends to check availability in the office of electricity, water, telephone, heating, wired for computer network, Wi-Fi, sewer.

In addition to the above items, the staff of the Central Bank will also clarify whether the same set of furniture and office equipment in the office with the number of employees in the office.

Official comment from the Central Bank is not followed.

Representatives of the regulator in the last 1.5-2 years to be able to travel to the borrowers to match their activities with the size of the loan.