Putin accepted the resignation of Gruzdev, Tula Governor at his request

NOVO-Ogaryovo, MOSCOW on 2 February. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin accepted the resignation of the Governor of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev. The head of state instructed to perform the duties of the head of the region before the elections Alexey Dyumin, held the post of Deputy defense Minister.

Putin met with Gruzdev and by Dyumin. “Vladimir Sergeevich (Gruzdev) four and a half year stint as the Governor of the Tula region – the region is complex,” he said. For example, he cited only one issue of the Tula region – the need for new housing. However, according to the head of state, during the governorship of Gruzdev, “obviously improvements and recruited good dynamics”.

“However, Vladimir Sergeevich asks to use it on other work in connection with family circumstances – You have a child born, congratulations. Vladimir Sergeevich – Muscovite, (wants to be) closer to Moscow”, – said Putin. He promised by Gruzdev: “This work will find according to your wishes and qualifications”.

The head of state appealed to Dyumin, which are charged to perform duties until the election of the Governor. “I know that you have a very good personal relationship and hope that it will help in soothing, soft referral, I expect that Vladimir Sergeyevich (Gruzdev) will accompany the entry of Alexey (Dyumin) in the case, and will initially support him and his authority, and uses his knowledge in his previous job,” he turned to Dyumin by Gruzdev and the President.

Putin recalled that the Tula region – “this is the forge of our weapons.” “Mean while You were the chief of army staff, it is clear how important this component; as Deputy Minister of defense, you supervise the Department of construction, housing, property relations, management expertise, the main thing military-medical management. It is everything that is extremely important and in the civil sphere”, – said the President. He expects Dyumin “uses knowledge and experience to his new position”.

“I assume that You will be able to win the sympathy of the people, need to strive for, based on real results, which people should feel in daily life, You could claim in future votes,” he said.

Gruzdev noted that during his governorship, along with the Federal government “made a lot”. In his view, to achieve such results largely succeeded “thanks to the hardworking residents of the Tula region, in whose hands are the wealth of the region”. “Will justify your trust to the post, where you say,” promised the Governor.

“Database created, you have nothing to lose”

Dyumin, in fact, all life served in the Armed forces, admitted that his new appointment is “honour and pride”. “I will do everything not to let You down”, he said. At his new job he primarily intends to draw attention to socio-economic issues and the development of the military-industrial complex, enterprises of which are presented in the Tula region.

Putin drew attention to the fact that the fiscal security of the region “is quite high – 93%, but the region remains heavily subsidized”. “We need to build relationships with the relevant departments of the government of the Russian Federation and, despite the fact that there are certain positive shifts in demography, it is necessary to break the situation, you need to ensure that in the Tula region was the natural increase of the population,” the head of state. He also instructed Dyumin to keep under control “the economy, the social sphere, the execution of the may decrees of 2012. “Database created, you have nothing to lose, but rather to build on what is already in the Tula region done in recent years”, – said the head of state.

In connection with the appointment to the post of acting Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin freed by the decree of Vladimir Putin from the post of Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation, reported the press service of the Kremlin.

Reports about the possibility of resignation Gruzdev appeared in the media in November last year. Journalists citing sources in the Russian government reported that the head of the Tula going to leave the post at own will. The press service of the Governor of the then this information is not confirmed.

Elections of the Governor of the Tula region is planned for 2016. Gruzdev himself in October of last year declared intention to participate in elections of the head region, if his work will give a good estimate of the President of the Russian Federation and residents of the area.

Than the famous Vladimir Gruzdev

Vladimir Gruzdev became the Governor of the Tula region in 2011, succeeding Vyacheslav Dudka. He was a Deputy of the state Duma of three convocations. In 2007 he held the post of first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation of the state Duma.