Shuvalov suggested that the MAYOR visit the project method of work

Shuvalov suggested that the MAYOR visit the project method of work

MOSCOW, 2 February. First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov suggested that the economic development Ministry to work in the format of “project office” on the formation of favorable business climate in Russia, which will require the restructuring of the office of the Ministry. The MAYOR needs to think more about the specific steps in the development of the economy, not only to analyze the current situation and preparation of new macroeconomic forecasts.

As he said at the Ministerial meeting, this year in the framework of this project management office may be running 3-4 to start the pilot project. Among them is the simplification and acceleration of procedures for obtaining business permits for the construction, export and customs procedures, property registration.

Management practices – from project to porechensky

Shuvalov suggested that the officials change the style of management is not to wait for orders from their superiors, then to report on its implementation, and to think like a business: shaping business plans and models to solve existing problems.

Thus, according to first Deputy Prime Minister, it is necessary to reduce the direct communication of officials with citizens and possible to bring all of the questions in the electronic Protocol, the procedures were transparent.

In what form will be the establishment of a project office is not yet decided. “It can be inside of the Ministry, or in some other way. Let’s Sergei Eduardovich Prikhodko (Deputy Prime Minister, head of government office) will discuss”, – said Shuvalov.

He stated that he personally prepared to persuade the government to grant an exemption from existing regulations to create a project management office to improve the business climate in the country. As noted in the Secretariat of the first Deputy Prime Minister, it is not so much about creating a new bureaucratic structure, but about the reconfiguration of the existing bureaucracy with modern and efficient methods of operation.

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“The machine will have to learn in a different way to work. Have the agenda Doing Business and business climate to describe it to have a finished specific behaviours of all the participants, who you will report to the Minister, Alexei Valentinovich (Ulyukayev) will report to the government, Dmitry Medvedev (Prime Minister Medvedev) will adopt, and this will be a project to which the additional instructions will not be necessary”, – said Shuvalov.

Opaque schemes of work of officials should be gone

The transition to new methods of control shall exclude any non-transparent schemes of work of state officials, to deny them the ability to “earn” on business owners. As he said, an example of this can be the construction costs of new buildings for the territorial authorities, which in the current situation with the budget are completely unjustified. Instead of building the first Vice-the Prime Minister proposed long-term rent, which is much easier to control and saves budgetary funds.

As reported at the Board meeting the Deputy Minister of economic development of Russia Yevgeny Elin, a large number of territorial bodies and divisions of the lack of office space. Over the past 4 years on construction of new facilities for government agencies had spent more than 78 billion rubles, He noted that the budget for 2016 is provided 9 billion rubles for the provision of new offices of government.

“This budget situation, that too can wait. Need a long-term lease agreements. You can not build anything new!”, – said Shuvalov.

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He also proposed to change the system of state examination on state contracts. “We don’t need expertise, which uses some factors, it is unclear what”, – said Shuvalov at the Board.

According to first Deputy Prime Minister, need to get rid of such examination, which “eats” a lot of time and money, presenting themselves completely opaque procedure.

The structure of the Ministry of economic development may change

Measures to change the style of work can lead to a change in the current patterns of economic development. “Learn how to work more efficiently with fewer people. I’m not suggesting that someone be expelled on the street. But you can reduce the number of Deputy Ministers, to cut departments,” he said.

According to him, the Ministry should be set up that is the headquarters of the economic reforms, and not only engaged in macroeconomic forecasting. “Here is the forecast of socio-economic development. But this should not obscure the (other areas – approx. ed.). So, with all the difficulties that we are experiencing, Alexei Valentinovich (Ulyukayev), the team was configured to the following: complexity difficulties, and the main function of the Ministry is the headquarters of economic transformation aimed at economic growth”, – said Shuvalov.

First Deputy Prime Minister said that he was taking personal control of the priority directions of work of Ministry. He also noted that the Ministry needed to organize the group to create an economic agenda for the future.

“With all of the difficulties that we are experiencing, we need a little bit to look forward. The Ministry should on a regular basis, conduct consultations now, what is it for “possible agenda”, starting from mid-2018″, – said the first Deputy Prime Minister.

According to him, in this matter the MAYOR should work together with the presidential administration, public and business associations.